The Story Behind The Wholistic Kids Products

When it comes to family, love pushes people to go the extra mile. Here at Wholistic Kids and Families, we love our patients because they are our family. As a pediatrician with over ten years of training and experience in holistic and integrative medicine and one of the few pediatricians in the U.S. with fellowship training in medical herbalism, Dr. K is well-equipped to handle any health concern children may face, no matter how big or how small.

Although his training relates to the treatment of severe illnesses (autism, autoimmune disease…), Dr. K found that many of his patients also suffered from common conditions such as congestion, coughing, teething and diarrhea. In order to provide the utmost care to his loving patients, Dr. K put his training to good use and began to hand-blend mixtures using only the highest quality, organic, medical-grade herbal ingredients at his disposal. He never intended to sell anything and only wanted his patients to get better. Over the years, Dr. K used the feedback of his families to perfect the formulas. Because the formula had ultimately become such a widespread success within the practice, Dr. K decided to expand his audience and share the love with everyone. The members of the Wholistic family have been using these products for years to defend and support their children, and we are confident these products will help protect your family, too. Welcome to Wholistic Kids and Families!

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